Four Seasons Preschool



At Four Seasons PreSchool, we believe that children learn best through hands on experiences and using the world around them. Our curriculum, H.O.P.E for our future, focuses on social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. The teachers take time planning their activities and develop lessons that will make the children feel successful while at the same time, challenge them. We offer education and care for the following age groups at our program, please click on each section below to learn all about each classroom’s curriculum!



Physical development is the foundation upon which cognitive development is based. Responsive adults provide the most significant experience, but the environment and physical activities are structured to maximize development.


Toddlerhood is an exciting stage in your child’s development. They are full of energy as they struggle to “do it by myself”. It is a time when language, social, physical, and cognitive skills begin to flourish.


We know there are many preschool programs in this area, both private and public and families have many choices to choose from. Our curriculum stands out in many ways.


Our pre-kindergarten program is designed for children going to kindergarten the following fall. This program is an extension to our current preschool program with a more advanced curriculum.

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