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Physical development is the foundation upon which cognitive development is based. Responsive adults provide the most significant experience, but the environment and physical activities are structured to maximize development. Infants are supported and encouraged in their natural inclination for independent physical activity.

Our infant program provides a safe, nurturing environment for the youngest ones in our care. This specifically designed setting, along with our caring teachers, will work cooperatively with you to nurture your baby through their early stages of development.

In our infant room, you will find mirrors and rugs, baskets filled with soft fabrics or natural materials, sensory tables, and lots of great books. The classroom has many age appropriate toys that will help the children explore their world around them using their senses. We have objects of various textures, rattles and other toys that make noise, colorful toys and objects in the room, and much more!

Keeping your baby’s health and well-being in mind, toys and equipment are sanitized throughout the day and the infant room follows a strict “No Shoes” policy to reduce the amount of dirt, salt, and germs entering the classroom.

Communication is Very Important

As parents, you deserve to know everything that happens while your baby is in our care. We have an Infant Daily News that will tell you about your baby’s day with us. We also send home frequent photographs of your baby’s day. Regular phone calls, conferences, and emails are all part of this important communicationt5

Our infant room has 7 children and 2 EEC certified teachers, as well as a floating teacher that helps in all classrooms.

What do we do in our infant room all day?

We offer babies, comfort, hugs, smiles, positive interaction, playtime; we sing, and listen-play on the floor, we cuddle and we enjoy the time we spend with your baby!

Four Seasons Preschool Infant Curriculum Program, will guide your child through each developmental stage, including sitting up, crawling, walking, talking, as well as activities such as art projects, baby sign language, singing songs, and opportunities for exploring their world. Weather permitting teachers will take children out in our strollers to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.


Infants learn to use language to connect with their world to develop relationships and to get what they need. Our infant teachers encourage these skills through every day experiences such as:

  • Singing lullabies and songs
  • Naming objects
  • Engaging in daily conversations
  • Exploring picture books


Your babies’ earliest learning happens through their senses. Infants use their sense of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch to help understand the world.


We introduce to a lot of different textures things that are, fuzzy, bumpy, stuffed animals, water, etc. And of course loving touches.


Your baby is aware of the sounds around them. There is always calm music playing in our infant room, we talk gently to your baby, we sing or hum, we have many different musical toys, rattles and musical instruments.


Babies are always watching people who are close by and tracking bright objects as they move. We talk gently to your baby face to face so they can see our eyes, we read colorful picture books, we place your baby in front of our mirrors – they love to see themselves! And we have many different bright colorful toys.

Taste and Smell

All babies explore by putting things in their mouths. That is because taste and smell are two of the senses that help your baby learn more about their world.

Parent Communication

Each day teachers will write out a daily sheet about your child’s day. This includes details about naptimes, lunch, diaper changes, and any supplies needed. Each month teachers will write entries in your child’s very own journal. Pictures will also be added as often as possible to chronicle this fast-moving time in your child’s first year.. We encourage you to update any changes or adventures at home when you receive this journal and we would love to see your photos as well! At the end of your time in the infant program this journal will be yours to keep. This journal provides a record of your child’s growth and development as teachers share stories about your child’s early years at Four Seasons PreSchool. Parent Teacher Conferences may be scheduled at your request anytime of the year and are also offered every three months as an opportunity to review your child’s progress report. Regular phone calls and emails are also an important part of this communication.

​We encourage you to visit often and share your skills and talents with us. Four Seasons PreSchool is always ready to listen to parents and eager to involve them whenever possible.

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