Four Seasons Preschool


Our pre-kindergarten program is designed for children going to kindergarten the following fall. This program is an extension to our current preschool program with a more advanced curriculum. The children will continue to learn hands-on and through play just as they did in our preschool classrooms. 

How is this different from the preschool curriculum? A lot of things will stay the same but will be more challenging. The children will continue to learn different math concepts each month as well letters concepts. We will also do many pre-reading and pre-writing activities throughout the year. As with all of our age groups, we will incorporate all areas. All content is planned using the state guidelines for pre-kindergarten. This group has a solid foundation for kindergarten and we often receive compliments from the kindergarten teachers when they see how prepared the children are! Join us today!

Morning Meeting

It is important to begin our day gathering the class to greet each other and participate in a morning message and whole group activity to build our classroom community. Our morning meeting involves movement, song, rhymes and much more!

Choice Time

The children will have structured choice time where they can choose from a variety of small group activities.


We use a balanced, multi-sensory approach to literacy that incorporates a blend of programs, all which our teachers are trained in that focus on early reading skills and critical thinking skills. The blend of the programs will incorporate handwriting, shared reading and writing, poetry, letter recognition and phonemic awareness.

Math Workshop

Our math curriculum helps children learn math in a hands on way and carefully sequences the mathematical progressions into modules that build on each other. We have develeoped a math curriculum that allows children to learn though experiences in the classroom and at centers.


The pre-kindergarten class will have various opportunities to participate in STEM activities and they will be embedded throughout the curriculum year.

Social Studies

Social studies is woven into many areas of our curriculum. During literacy, morning meeting and even choice and recess time. We have several thematic units on family, community, and team builders.

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