Four Seasons Preschool


Toddlerhood is an exciting stage in your child’s development. They are full of energy as they struggle to “do it by myself”. It is a time when language, social, physical, and cognitive skills begin to flourish. Toddlers are learning during every moment of their day, using all of their senses to explore. They need lots of physical activity and sensory play. Our toddlers love music and story time. We engage our toddlers in conversations, we listen, we share our feelings, we jump and dance, we play outside, we experience new materials, and we offer a hug whenever it is needed.

Teachers engage your young explorer with an interactive, hands-on curriculum that channels their energy and excitement into positive learning experiences. Our classroom is designed with age appropriate toys and equipment in various learning centers including dramatic play, manipulative, art, sensory tables and circle time. Children and encouraged to explore the different centers independently, as well as working cooperatively with their friends.

What do we do in our Toddler Room all day?

We engage them in conversations, we listen, we share our feelings, we jump and dance, we play outside.  We explore water and sand and many other sensory materials.  We read stories and sing songs every day, we dress “weather frog” each day for the type of weather it is that particular day.  We offer appropriate materials and activities; puzzles, building, doll play, dress up, painting are some favorites.  Toddlers are great explorers they love to touch, squeeze, poke and rub to find out about a toy or an object.  We provide opportunities for them to explore and express their emotions in a classroom which is loving, safe, understanding and consistent.  We also offer a hug whenever it is needed!


Toddlers’ vocabulary start to expand from single into multiple-word phrases.   Our teachers continually model language and engage toddlers in rich conversations by providing a language-rich environment that encourages your child’s progress toward achievement of two-way communication.  We give your toddler the opportunity to:

  • Participate in conversations with teachers and their friends
  •  Follow one step direction
  • Develop an appreciation of books through stories
  • Increase short term memory and recall
  • Use writing tools and make purposeful marks such as scribbles on paper


Art encourages creativity and innovation in toddlers.  Our teachers encourage creativity and innovation by engaging children in artistic experience that allow them to explore art with their senses.  We give your toddler the opportunity to:

  • Explore sensory materials – play dough – textured sponges and scented paint
  • Experiment with colors
  • Play, shake and strum instruments
  • Dance with scarves to a variety of music
  • Participate in pretend play
  • Play with puppets

Health and Wellness

Our Toddler Program focuses on child nutrition, safety and wellness and lays the ground work for a life time of healthy habits.  Our toddler teachers develop healthy habits and a positive attitude about wellness, they also enable children to understand how their bodies work, what they need, and how to protect them by helping children:

  • Practice small muscle skills; drawing, writing and cutting
  • Identify healthy foods
  • Practice proper hygiene
  • Follow simple safety rules

Our Toddler Program fosters positive attitudes in toddlers towards others and the world.  Toddler teachers encourage children to reflect on themselves their friends, and the world they live in by:

  • Talking about feelings
  • Encouraging play between friends
  • Expressing compassion and empathy in books and daily interaction
  • Encourage and appreciate appropriate behavior

Parent Communication

We like to keep parents in touch with their child’s day.  Toddler Daily News details your child’s learning experiences and daily activities. Newsletters are also sent home monthly, containing detailed curriculum information and happenings around the school. Regular phone calls and emails are also an important part of this communication. Parent Teacher Conferences may be scheduled at your request at any time of the year and are also offered twice a year as an opportunity to review your child’s progress report.  Regular phone calls and emails are also an important part of this communication.

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