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We know there are many preschool programs in this area, both private and public and families have many choices to choose from. Our curriculum stands out in many ways. We have taken curriculum that we have created through our own experiences and research and combined that with the highest ECE standards and programs that we know work to create a well rounded, hands-on learning experience for all children. We often hear from kindergarten teachers and parents of kindergarten students, that their children were better prepared for kindergarten because they attended our school through pre-kindergarten. The wealth of knowledge and experiences they participate in at Four Seasons Preschool really sets the stage for a successful educational experience once they get to kindergarten. The size of our small classes also allows the teachers to add so much to their schedules and create learning experiences that might be challenging to add in larger preschool classrooms.

Most important in this curriculum is for the children to enjoy school and play with each other! A major focus in our curriculum planning is making sure we incorporate play and allow the children to freely use their imagination, something that isn’t seen everywhere. Many times, the focus becomes so content driven that play is forgotten but is so important at this age. Children learn so much through play and we see this every day. Research indicates that children learn best in an environment which allows them to explore, discover, and play. Play is an important part of a developmentally appropriate child care program and our classrooms are all play based throughout our teaching techniques. Play is also closely tied to the development of cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical behaviors.

We believe that children learn all the time. The staff at Four Seasons Preschool feel that with teacher organized and structured activities, as well as the child’s free choice in activities, that we provide an environment that is well rounded in meeting each child’s needs.

The goal of our curriculum, H.O.P.E for our future, is to provide children with the skills that will help them to learn and to love learning. The unique individuality of each child is respected and the children’s strengths and weaknesses are always considered. We strive to build the children’s self-esteem and help them learn to appreciate their own special gifts.

All classrooms have theme-based centers that are geared to the children’s interests and skill level. If any families would like to observe our classrooms on any day, we do have an open door policy and all families are encouraged! We have created a wonderful preschool and pre-kindergarten curriculum for all children to prepare them for a successful future!


In the early years of a child’s life, it is important that they have multiple opportunities to experience literature. Children begin to recognize that print reads from left to right and top to bottom, and that pictures help to tell a story. Books also broaden a child’s cultural awareness. Children have an opportunity to dictate their own stories from pictures they have drawn; they are encouraged to share that story with a friend enhancing their communication skills.

At Four Seasons, we offer a listening center with individual headsets so that children can listen to and follow along to the story individually and accompanying activities for our stories. We also have a wide variety of books to support both individual and group reading times. We feel it is very important for us to help your child develop the skills he or she needs to become a successful reader.


Our art center includes many projects such as painting, drawing, gluing, cutting, working with play dough, plaster of paris, and clay. All art activities encourage self-expression, creativity and imagination. These activities are often related to our weekly themes.

Music and Drama

Some of the best fun at Four Seasons Pre School revolves around our music time. From creating a marching band around the school to playing musical games, music inspires children to sing and dance. Our music program provides a great learning experience that allows for personal expression, which can make a huge difference in a child’s life. A few of our drama activities include: acting out short stories, putting on puppet shows, and role-playing.

Creative Movement

Strong exercise habits that children develop now can go a long way. Creative movement teaches things like coordination, strength and endurance. At Four Seasons, we offer a well-organized program of movement activities that help benefit your child in so many ways. The development of physical skills contributes to cognitive, social, and emotional development. Movement skills help children develop self-confidence and provide them with the opportunity to be physically fit and to successfully participate in recreational games and activities. Our goal is to provide children the opportunity to develop physical skills.


Whether it’s building clay volcanoes, freezing water into ice, mixing primary colors of paint to see what happens, making paste, or a cooking project, children are so curious about a lot of things and just love our science center.

Circle Time

At our morning circle the discussion focuses on the days of the week, the weather, and the day’s theme. Singing and sharing stories provide opportunities for socialization and communication while learning to respect others.

Math Center

Math occurs many times throughout our day as well as at our math center. At circle time, we count the days in the month, graph the weather, or even count the number of days we have been in school. While the children eat snack we might count how many pieces are on their napkin. At our math center, children will learn about classification, creating patterns, one to one correspondence, spatial relationships, recognizing and creating shapes, graphing, measuring, estimating, and much more!

Building and Manipulative Center

Playing with blocks assists children in learning numerous concepts. Science, math, art, and language skills are applied at this center. While constructing a tall tower, a child has experience with gravity, stability, weight, and balance. As the blocks become a castle, a child will say with extreme pride, “Look what I built!” Manipulative items help develop a child’s fine motor skills. Solid fine motor skills are the start to writing and enhancing a child’s interest in learning. Snapping, buttoning, sewing, and tying knots are all daily skills that promote small muscle coordination.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play gives a child an opportunity for both gross and fine motor skills and to enjoy the fresh air. We do go outside everyday; please dress your child appropriately.

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